We develop SaaS Innovations

We truly make a difference, powered by a great team!

Make the Impossible possible!

We want to challenge our limitations with great passion and lots of fun!

Software Innovations

We are a group of tech innovators from Danang and we wanted to make true impacts to our life with software technology.

For everyone!

We love to see our SaaS solutions to be used widely mostly for everyone, a kid, a student and for every professional.

Bring Education to everyone with fun!

The Covid hit the world including Vietnam, as tech innovators, we stood up and developed a platform for students to learn from home interactively.

Learning by challenging each other

Boosting your knowledge by joining competitions and challenging your friends.

Lots of Fun!

You don’t have to study alone anymore.

Enlarging your "fuel" in tech industry can't be easier!

We wanted to help companies reduce costs on branding, sourcing, recruiting, and hiring. 

Powering a Career Site for every company

An Applicant Tracking System

Your AI Chatbot Assistant

We want to make the best out of our time!


We put our hearts into every SaaS we are developing.

Dreams Releasing

We have bigger dreams to challenge our limitations.


With Technologies, we want to make this world, a little bit better place.

Made in Danang

We love the city and we want to bring more Saas from here to Vietnam and the world.

The final chapter in my career that I wanted to achieve is to be successful with saas development before leading a Tech Incubator in my hometown. I commit to do this because it is hard!
Huy Nguyen
founder & ceo

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We continue working harder to improve our Saas solutions.

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